Toll Free Termination

AstroTel’s Networks offers FREE Toll-Free Termination service for all your calls in the United States! Our Toll-Free call termination delivers guaranteed superior call quality, service, and reliability by utilizing our nationwide network of partners, unlike many free services offered by other online providers.

  • Providing FREE Toll-Free Termination to North America - 800 - 833 - 844 - 855 - 866 - 877 - 888
  • 100% IP Based Authentication

Compensation for Toll Free Termination Services, CAP

GET PAID FOR YOUR TRAFFIC! AstroTelco offers compensation for Toll Free Termination in the US. If your company terminates high volume minutes per month, you may qualify for our CAP program. Compensation rates vary depending on volume; starts at 0.0005/minute for low volume traffic.

  • Monthly report on traffic billed
  • ACH Deposits

Call us today to learn what you can earn by simply sending your Toll-free traffic to us.

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